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About competitive visibility in Merchant Center Analytics

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The 'Competitive visibility' tab offers cards that help you understand the competitive landscape at a product category level. The cards allow you to deep dive to compare your visibility across Shopping ads and organic traffic with that of your competitors so that you can make informed decisions about your business.

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Knowing who your competitors are helps you to better understand your competitive landscape across Shopping ads and organic traffic. The competitive visibility tab can help you better understand things like:

  • Merchants who are similar to you
  • Your consumer reach across Shopping ads and free listings
  • How you compare to merchants with highest visibility in a specific category
  • How your visibility compares to the category benchmark over time
  • How you rank against competitors and top market performers over time

You can use the information from these cards to determine the best ways to promote your products and further grow your business.

How it works

To evaluate your competitive visibility, you can navigate to the Performance page by selecting 'Performance' in the left navigation pane. Then, visit the competitive visibility tab at the top to view insights relevant to your business.

Note: Competitive visibility insights are not available for multi-client accounts (MCAs).

The cards on the page show merchants similar to you and merchants with the highest visibility on Google, respectively. Click into each card to learn more about competitive metrics and how the visibility of the products that you sell has changed over time and how it compares to your competitors. Filters such as country, category, traffic and time period allow you to narrow your results even further.

Competitive visibility is assessed using four metrics:

  • Relative visibility: Details the number of times another merchant's products were shown compared to the number of times that your products were shown.
  • Page overlap rate: Shows how often you and another merchant received impressions on the same page.
  • Higher position rate: Displays how often a merchant's products appeared in a higher position on the same page as yours.
  • Ads/organic ratio: Compares how often a merchant's products received impressions from Shopping ads compared to organic results.

What's available

Businesses with similar visibility on Google

Discover other sellers with similar consumer visibility who show their products alongside yours on Google. Use filters at the top of the report to deep dive and view metrics on visibility, page overlap rate, position and ads/organic ratio for your products.

The line chart at the top of the page displays your 'Relative visibility trend', or the difference in visibility of other sellers based on displayed product impressions in the selected category compared to you. Tick and untick other merchants on the right of the chart to customise your comparisons.

Businesses with the highest visibility on Google

Explore the merchants with the highest consumer visibility on Google and learn how your visibility compares to the category benchmark over time. Like the similar visibility card, you can apply filters to sort and customise your report.

The line chart offers a 'Visibility trend comparison', which is the trend of your products on Google compared to the overall trend in the category based on displayed impressions from you and other sellers. You can use this chart to determine your visibility performance against the category benchmark.

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