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About Shopping trends

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Shopping trends provides recommendations and insights about your products based on search demand for topics related to your inventory.

How it works

Shopping trends may help you to make strategic decisions about when to use paid and organic Google tools to increase the likelihood of a user seeing your product when they are looking for it, or a product similar to it, online.

How Google collects the data

By reviewing the product data in your Merchant Center account along with the information provided on your website, Google is able to provide personalised recommendations and insights based on relevant search trends. For example, if there is a surge in search volume for products or topics similar to those offered by your business, Google may recommend that you run an advertising campaign highlighting those products. This strategy may help you capitalise on the increase in demand.

Topic trends and product trends

Topic trends

A topic trend shows you a time series view of the popularity of a topic on Google Search and its fluctuation over a time frame. The fluctuation or the change is relative to the peak in popularity of a selected topic or relative to the peak in popularity of any other topic shown with the selected topic.

The value of 100 represents the peak popularity of a topic. If a topic shows a value of 100 in September and a value of 50 in December, it means that the topic was only half as popular in December when compared to its popularity in September.

An illustration of the Topic trends tab with a line chart of popular trends on Search.

Product trends

Product trends represent data around specific products.

There are two recommendation tables under product trends:

  • The first table shows the most popular products, meaning the products with the highest search volume.
  • The second table shows top trending products, which are those with the largest positive percentage change in search volume over a selected time frame.

An illustration of the Shopping trends tab with notes on popular products on Search.

Note: For both topic trends and product trends, the default setting is to show relevant information based on what we know you sell.


Using the data in your Merchant Center account and the data that we have on topic and product trends, Google may recommend actions such as creating a collection of products to promote on your site by email or with other marketing channels such as advertising campaigns. These recommendations are based on an increase or decrease in consumer demand. Find out more about Shopping campaigns.

Demand forecasting

Demand forecasting helps you understand how the relevant shopper demand for categories that you sell is predicted to change in the next 90 days. Analysing demand forecasting data may help you decide which products to source, how much inventory to source and the prices to set or promotions to offer to move the inventory at a velocity that meets your business goals.

An illustration of the demand forecasting feature depicting a line graph of search interest in different topics over time.

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