Enroll your Chromebase

Set up Chromebase

Use the onscreen wizard to complete the basic setup and enrollment of your Chromebase. Enrollment adds the device to your organization's domain name, enables you to place video meetings between devices, and enables you to invite additional users. 


  • We recommend connecting a USB keyboard to make entering enrollment information easier. The keyboard is not required for normal operation.
  • If your organization does not use G Suite, complete the instructions in your welcome email to verify your organization's domain name. You may receive your hardware before the welcome email. Do not enroll the devices until you complete the welcome email instructions, or errors will occur.
  • Enrollment can be performed by any user within your domain name. Chromebases support SSO login during enrollment when SSO for Chrome devices is enabled. For instructions and more details, see Configure SAML single sign-on for Chrome devices
  • The instructions below enable you to set up and enroll a single device. For batch enrollment, see Deploy multiple devices.

Enroll a single device

  1. Turn on the Chromebase.

  2. Verify or change your language, keyboard layout, time zone, and network.
  3. Select Continue.
  4. Accept the terms of service.
  5. Sign in with your G Suite email address and password.
    The enrollment process takes place automatically. After the process is complete, click Done.
  6. When the video call screen appears, follow the onscreen instructions to test your camera, microphone, and speaker.

At the end of device enrollment, the screen displays a URL. The URL is used by G Suite users to directly access the device configuration page in the Google Admin console and assign the room's calendar to the device. 

We recommend using Wired Ethernet for optimum performance.

Accessibility options

Optional features, such as high contrast, screen magnifier, larger fonts and cursors, voice prompts, and spoken feedback, can all be enabled to aid your accessibility. These options are available via the Settings > Accessibility menu. For more details, see Make devices and services more accessible.

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