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Use the pan tilt zoom camera

If your device has a pan tilt zoom camera, you can move the camera and zoom in and out. You can also set the camera’s home position.

Control the camera

  1. On the touchscreen, tap Control camera "" and choose an option:
    • Tap or click the Left arrow "" and Right arrow "" to pan left and right.
    • Tap or click the Up arrow "" and Down arrow "" to tilt up and down.
    • Tap or click Zoom in "" and Zoom out "" to zoom in and out.
  2. Tap or click Done or Return to home position when you're done.

Set the camera's home position

Before you begin: Your IT administrator might need to turn on this control in the Google Admin console. For details, tell them to go to Turn pan tilt zoom home setting on or off. This feature is currently only available on Meet hardware touchscreen controllers.

  1. During a video meeting, on the touchscreen, tap Control camera "".
  2. Use the controls to set the camera to the desired position.
  3. Touch and hold the home button.
    When the camera is set, you’ll see Home position set on the touchscreen.

Note: You can also use the camera’s remote control to set the home position. For details, refer to the camera’s manual.

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