Use the accessibility features

Google meeting room hardware includes the following optional features to help make sure you can see and hear what’s happening in your video call. 

Use these instructions for Hangouts Meet hardware, Chromebox and Chromebase for meetings.

Feature Description
High Contrast Makes the main screen easier to read by removing the background image. Only available in classic Hangouts.
Screen Magnifier

Enlarges the whole screen. Only part of the screen is visible. 

  • Chromebox for meetings: On the remote control, hold down the arrow keys to pan around the screen.

Note: Screen magnification on the touchscreen display is not yet supported on Hangouts Meet hardware. 

Spoken Feedback

Hangouts Meet hardware:

  • To turn on spoken feedback, using 2 fingers, touch and hold any area of the screen until you hear "Chromebox spoken feedback enabled".
  • To turn off spoken feedback, using 2 fingers touch and hold any area of the screen. 

Spoken feedback can also be turned on or off in settings on the touchscreen. For more information, see Use the Hangouts Meet touchscreen.

Chrome devices for meetings:

Speaks all text on the current screen in a choice of 11 languages.  A rising tone indicates 'screen reader on', and a falling tone indicates 'screen reader off'. To turn spoken feedback on or off:

  • Chromebox for meetings: On the remote control, hold down the menu key until the speech starts or stops. 
  • Chromebase for meetings: On the attached keyboard, press Ctrl + Alt + Z to turn spoken feedback on or off. 

Note: Use the RF remote control if spoken feedback is turned on.

Turn the accessibility features on or off using Settings

All accessibility features can be turned on or off using the Settings menu. 

Hangouts Meet hardware: 

  1. On the touchscreen, tap Settings.
  2. Tap On On  or Off Off  to turn spoken feedback on or off.

Chromebox and Chromebase for meetings: 

  1. Select Settings using the Chromebox for meetings remote control arrow keys.
  2. Select Accessibility.
  3. Use the up and down arrow keys to highlight a feature.
  4. Press the center key to turn the feature on or off (the feature is on when checked). 
  5. Select Save (to return to the main Settings page).
  6. Select Save again (to return to the main screen).

Turn off using the accessibility button (classic Hangouts)

The accessibility button Accessibility is displayed when the device is in one of the 3 accessibility modes:

  • High Contrast

  • Screen Magnifier

  • Spoken Feedback

Click Accessibility to turn accessibility mode off.

Use a keyboard with Chrome devices for meetings

Plug in a wired-only USB keyboard with Google meeting room hardware to easily access the Chromebox spoken feedback. The Hangouts Meet hardware, Chromebox and Chromebase are compatible with physical keyboards for Windows and Mac. Using a keyboard is optional. 

Note: Only use one input source at a time. If you use a physical keyboard and then touch the screen, you may need to restart Chromebox.

You can use a keyboard to do the following.

  • Use Ctrl + Alt + Z to turn the spoken feedback on or off. 
    You’ll hear a prompt that spoken feedback is turned on. A Chromebox caption panel appears at the top of the screen. 
  • Use the arrow keys to move around the Chromebox for Meetings screen.
  • Use the Tab key to move forward. Press Shift+Tab to move backward.
  • Press F10 to control the volume.
  • Type a Hangout name or a meeting code, press Tab, and then press Enter to join the hangout. 

For more information about Google's accessibility features, see Accessibility features in G Suite.

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