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Use Add Ons with Google Meet on Desk 27 and Board 65

You can use third-party whiteboards on the Desk 27 and Board 65 using Google Meet add-ons. These third-party whiteboards can be used during a Meet video call. You can share ideas, brainstorm, and work on projects together in real time, wherever you are.

The following third-party whiteboards are available on these devices.

  • Lucidspark
  • Miro
  • FigJam 

Start a collaboration with a third-party add-on

  1. While in a meeting, at the bottom right, tap activities .
  2. Tap the add-on you want to use.
  3. Based on the add-on you select, follow the conditional steps:
    • Depending on the third-party add-on you select, you’ll either be asked to sign in to the add-on app through your Google Account or you’ll be able to proceed without signing in. If the add-on app requires you to sign in, then follow the on-screen prompts to sign in to the third-party app.
    • Depending on the add-on, you’ll notice a new screen within the add-ons panel which will require you to select or input a few options.
      • Example: At this step, you can select a specific file to collaborate on with others.
    • After you complete the conditional steps, tap Start activity. Depending on the add-on, you may be required to share file access with other meeting guests. To give access, follow on-screen prompts.
  4. After you complete the conditional steps, tap Start activity.
  5. When the pop-up message Others who have the add-on installed can interact with the content on their main screen appears, tap Continue.
    • Other meeting participants can now collaborate with you while using the third-party add-on in Meet.
  6. Optional but recommended: To make sure that participants who don’t have the add-on can observe the collaboration:
  7. When a collaboration starts, on the banner, at the top of the ongoing add-on activity, tap Screen shareand thenAllow.
  8. To end the collaboration, on the banner, at the top of the ongoing add-on activity, tap End activity.

Note: You can only collaborate on one add-on at a time.

Install a third party whiteboard add-on

To make the add-on available on your devices, install the app to an organization unit or entire organization through Google Workspace Marketplace. Users and Series One Desk 27 and Board 65 devices assigned to that organizational unit will have the add-on automatically installed. You can also configure different add-ons for different devices by organizing your devices into a different organizational unit and then installing the add-on to that organizational unit. For more information, go to Change organizational unit settings.

Before you begin, install one of the above add-ons. For instructions, go to Install Marketplace apps for your organization.

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