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In-house live streaming is available with G Suite Enterprise and G Suite Enterprise for Education editions. Compare G Suite editions

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From March through September of 2020, all G Suite customers have had access to advanced Google Meet video conferencing features. These features include larger meetings, the ability to record meetings, and in-domain live streaming.

After September 30, 2020, access to advanced Meet features is determined by your G Suite account and edition

Tip: If you’re a G Suite administrator who manages Google Meet for your organization, first allow live streaming.

If you use Google Meet for work or school, you can add view-only live streaming to an event for up to 100,000 people.

Who can view a live stream 

Only guests in your organization can view a live stream. All participants in your organization can stop and start the stream during the meeting, and record the event. Guests who join as “view-only” can’t participate in the meeting or control streaming and recording.

Supported Meet browsers

You can use these browsers to view live stream meetings:

  • Chrome Browser
  • Microsoft® Edge®
  • Mozilla® Firefox®
  • Opera®
  • Apple® Safari®

What you can share via live-stream with Meet


  • Real-time employee and staff training
  • Academic information with students 
  • Conference materials that can’t be shared in person.
  • Organization-wide presentations with multiple presenters
  • Guests may be designated as view-only

Click the meeting link to watch live streamed events on your mobile device’s web browser. The Meet app is not required.

Meeting organizers can’t schedule Meet steaming events or start and stop Meet streaming from a mobile device. Use Calendar and Meet on a computer instead.

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