Pair tiles in Google Meet

Important: This feature is available on desktop only.

You can now pair tiles with each other in a Meet call.

You can pair tiles to:

  • Show tiles of a call participant and their sign language interpreter.
  • Make video tiles visible to other call participants when at least one of the paired tiles participants speaks.
  • Show both paired tiles participants’ captions.

When a call participant with paired tiles speaks, both paired tiles are highlighted and visible to call participants. Pairing tiles isn’t available for recordings or breakout rooms.

Send a pair tile request

Participants in a call can send requests to pair tiles.

  1. In a meeting, open the participants list.
  2. In the participants list, find the person you’d like to be paired with.
  3. Next to their name, click Menu  and then Ask to pair your tiles.
    • The person can accept or decline the pair tile request.
  4. When the person accepts your request, you’re shown as paired. You can:
    • Check the participants list: You’ll find the Pairing icon Share link that shows you’re paired. If you hover over, it shows the name of the person you’re paired with.
    • Check the tiles:
      • You have the same Pairing icon Share link in the tiles. Both of your names show next to the Pairing icon Share link on your paired tile as well.
      • Other participants in the call can find that your video tile is next to your paired video tile. When one of you speaks, both of you get a blue border around your tiles.
    • Turn on captions: Your paired state shows in the caption as well.

Tip: If a request isn’t accepted, you can cancel it. Then, send a new request to another call participant. You can only have one pending request at a time.

Receive a pair tile request

If you receive a pair tile request, you can accept, reject, or ignore the request.

  1. In a meeting, at the bottom right, you’ll find a notification.
  2. In the notification, select an option:
    • Accept: Your tiles pair successfully.
    • Decline: The sender receives a message that their request is declined.

Receive multiple pair tile requests

You can receive multiple requests to pair tiles and decide which one to accept.

  1. In a meeting, at the bottom right, you’ll find a notification when someone wants to pair tiles with you.
  2. To display multiple call participants, click View.
    • You get a list of call participants who sent you a pair tile request.
    • You can only pair tiles with one person.
  3. To pair tiles, next to the name, click Accept.


  • If a call participant accepts another request to pair tiles, they unpair with the last paired tile.
  • When you unpair tiles with a call participant, they receive a message that their tile is no longer paired.
  • Participants in the call with paired tiles can use the unpair feature.
  • When a call participant with paired tiles speaks, pair tiles display on the screen.

Unpair tiles

To unpair your tile:

  1. In the participants list, find the person you’re paired with.
  2. On the right, next to their name, click Menu  and then Unpair your tiles.

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