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You can get an automated transcript of your meeting.

Learn which Google Workspace editions have Transcripts
  • Business Standard
  • Business Plus
  • Enterprise Starter
  • Enterprise Standard
  • Enterprise Plus
  • Teaching & Learning Upgrade
  • Education Plus
  • Workspace Individual


  • The Transcripts feature is currently available for Google Meet users on a computer or laptop.
  • Meeting transcripts of languages other than English aren’t accurate.
  • Meeting transcripts are on by default for all Workspace editions except Google Workspace for Education with a student license, where meeting transcripts are off by default. Learn more about Transcripts settings.

You can record meeting transcripts only if there’s enough free space in both:

  • Your Workspace organization's Google Drive
  • The meeting host’s Drive

Turn on Transcripts in Google Meet


  • Transcripts are saved in the meeting organizer's Google Drive.
  • Transcripts contain the words spoken in a meeting, but not the chat messages from the meeting.

If host management is off, anyone from the host’s domain can turn on Transcripts. If host management is on, only the host and co-hosts can turn on Transcripts.

  1. On your computer, join or start a meeting in Google Meet.
  2. At the bottom right, click Activities and then Transcripts and then Start Transcription and then Start.

Tip: When meeting transcripts are on, a Transcripts icon displays at the top left for everyone in the meeting.

To stop Transcripts:

  1. Click Activities and then Transcripts and then Stop Transcription and then Stop.


  • When all participants leave the meeting, Transcripts stops automatically.
  • You can't pause Transcripts, but you can stop one meeting transcript and start a new one in the same meeting.
    • You get a separate transcript file each time you start Transcripts.

Find a transcript

After your meeting ends, an automated email with a link to the meeting transcript is sent to:

  • The host
  • Any co-hosts
  • The person who turned on Transcripts

Tip: Transcripts of longer meetings take longer to process. Please allow time for your automated email to arrive.

The transcript is also attached to the meeting’s Google Calendar event.

  • All invitees in the host’s organization can open the attachment.
  • If there are more than 200 invitees in the host’s organization, the transcript is only available to the host, co-hosts, and the person who turned on Transcripts in the meeting.
Enable transcription to start automatically

Hosts can enable certain features to start automatically when a meeting begins, like Record the meeting, Transcribe the meeting, and Take notes with Gemini.

  1. When creating a meeting, click Video call options and then Meeting records.
  2. Select Transcribe the meeting.

Tip: Participants who join a meeting where the host has enabled these features get an on-screen warning message.


  • Even if these features are enabled, they won’t start until the host or co-host joins the meeting on web.
  • Notes and recordings are automatically shared with the hosts and co-hosts.
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