Duo and Meet have combined into a new Meet app. Meet (original) users can download the new app.

Your facial data stays private with video calling effects and Portrait Mode

You can add effects to personalise your 1:1 and group video call or apply a portrait filter to make you look sharper against your background with effects and Portrait Mode. To keep your data private, Google Meet, previously known as Google Duo, processes your video data in real time when it is sent to other users in the video call but does not store any video data on your device or on Google servers.
How effects and Portrait Mode work
We use images of your face taken by your camera to give you extra effects during 1:1 and group video calls. While this occurs during a 1:1 or group video call, Meet doesn't store any personal or facial data on your device or on Google servers. Meet processes the video frames in real time and each frame is deleted once it is processed and sent to other users in the video call.
How we protect your data
Facial data is only used to apply effects to 1:1 and group video calls on your device. Meet applies these effects to the images with machine learning technology that works on your device before they're sent, so all images, 1:1 and group video calls, and effects are protected with end-to-end encryption. No data is stored on your device or sent to Google servers. Learn more about how your video calls and meetings stay encrypted.
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