Troubleshoot issues when you join or create a meeting

Here’s how to troubleshoot common joining and creating issues.

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Can't create or join a Meet video meeting

​To create a new Meet video meeting or add a link in a Google Calendar event, you must be signed in to a Google account. Adding a link to a Google Calendar event is only available for users who have access to Google Calendar.

If you can join a Meet video meeting, but cannot create or add Meet video meetings, your administrator might need to turn on the meeting for your organization. Ask your administrator for more information.

Can't join or create meetings from chat conversations

​If the meeting is turned off for your organization, you cannot join or create any Chat meetings. Ask your administrator for help.

Scheduled meetings don't display

  • If you open Google Meet Meet but don't find any scheduled meetings, you might not have any scheduled meetings. Only meetings scheduled through Google Calendar will show up on or in your Meet app.
  • Make sure you’re signed in to your Google Workspace account for work or school, or your personal Google account. Make sure you can check you Gmail on the same device or computer.

Why is "Your meeting is full" displayed?

You can meet the maximum number of people for your Google Workspace edition. 

  • Business Starter, Frontline, Education Fundamentals, G Suite Basic: 100 participants
  • Business Standard, Enterprise Essentials, Essentials, G Suite Business, Google Workspace for Non-profits: 150 participants
  • Business Plus, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Education Plus: 500 participants

Tip: The limits are for the number of device connections.  Multiple people can join from a conference room or a shared device.

Important: Meetings created by a personal Google account have a limit of 100 participants.

For more information, go to Compare Google Workspace Editions.

Why is a network problem displayed?

​If a network transport timeout or firewall error is displayed, your group's network might not be configured for meetings. For example, a required UDP and TCP port might be blocked.
Contact your Google Workspace or network administrators and ask them to optimize your network for Google Meet.

Meet is showing the wrong time

To change the time displayed in Meet, change your Google Calendar time zone setting

A dial-in number is missing or for a different country

Important: Meet Global Dialing is available for meetings created by Google Workspace users.

  • All Google Workspace invites include a US phone number. 
    • Some editions include additional numbers at no charge. 
    • With Meet Global Dialing, Google Workspace accounts have access to numbers from additional countries. Phone charges may apply. 
  • Calendar and Meet use your location to recommend a dial-in number.
  • If the location and time settings on your computer and Calendar are different, you may get different dial-in numbers on your device and in the Calendar invitation.

A dial-in number is not listed on my meeting

Important: This feature is currently available for meetings created by Google Workspace users.

If your administrator turns on the dial-in feature for Google Meet, all Google Workspace editions include a US phone number. G Suite Basic, G Suite Business, Google Workspace for Education Plus, Essentials, Business Starter, Frontline, Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Essentials, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus also support international numbers in Meet video meetings. Regular call charges apply.

Anyone can use the number to dial in, including external users and people using other Google Workspace editions.

To find if your country is supported, go to Supported countries for dialing into a meeting

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