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Use Google Meet on Google Nest Hub Max and other smart displays

With Google Meet, you can host or join large video meetings with up to 100 participants on your Google Nest Hub Max and Assistant-enabled smart displays. Displays without cameras can receive video, but can't send video.

Important: Video meetings are not available on Nest Hub (2nd gen), Nest Hub, Lenovo Smart Display 7 or smart clock displays.

Before you begin

Create a meeting

You can start a meeting directly from your smart display or schedule a meeting in advance with Google Calendar.

Start a meeting on your smart display

Tip: To make sure that you don't join a meeting with an expired code, and to plan better for the future meetings that you create, check when meeting codes will expire. Learn about Google Meet meeting codes.

To start a new meeting

  1. Say "Hey, Google, start a meeting", or on your display, tap the Meet card and thenStart a meeting.

Invite people to a new meeting

  1. There are two ways to share meeting info with others:
    • Share the meeting code: Your display will create a new meeting code. Write down this code and share it with people directly.
    • Invite through the Google Assistant app: Tap the notification from the Google Assistant app Assistant.
  2. Each person that you invite can request to join the meeting.
  3. When someone requests to join the meeting, you can admit or block them on your display:
    • To let them in, tap Admit.
    • To block them, tap Deny entry.

Schedule a meeting with Google Calendar

When you schedule a meeting in advance, each participant will receive an email with the event information and a link to join the video meeting. Learn more about creating events in Calendar.

Tip: Guests can forward the meeting link to other people. If someone tries to join who was not invited to your event, or an invited participant tries to join the meeting with a different email address, they can only enter if you accept their request to join.

Join a meeting

To join a meeting, enter a meeting code or join through a calendar event on your display.

Tip: To make sure that you don't join a meeting with an expired code, and to plan better for the future meetings that you create, check when meeting codes will expire. Learn about Google Meet meeting codes.

Join with a meeting code

To join a meeting on your display:

  1. Say "Hey Google, join a meeting".
  2. If prompted, select Google Meet and tap Enter a meeting code.

Tip: The meeting code is the string of letters at the end of the meeting link. You don't have to enter the hyphens.

  1. Enter the meeting code.
  2. Tap Join now.

Join a scheduled meeting

Meetings on your Google Calendar are listed on your display.

  1. On your display, swipe left to find events on your calendar.
  2. Tap the calendar event that you want to join.
  3. Tap Join with Google Meet.

Learn more about other ways that you or your guests can join meetings.

During the meeting

When you use a Google Assistant voice command in a meeting and your mic is on, others will hear you say "Hey Google", and then your mic will be muted while you finish your request. If your video is on, your mic will be muted, but the camera feed will continue to stream.

Mute or unmute your audio

1. Tap Turn off microphone or tap Turn on microphone .

You can also say "Hey Google, mute me".

Turn your camera off or on

1. Tap Turn off camera or tap Turn on camera .

You can also say "Hey Google, start camera" or "Hey Google, turn off camera".

Pin or unpin participants

You can pin someone's feed to keep them visible on your screen throughout the meeting. Your meeting layout will change from grid view to sidebar view. Unpinning will switch your view back to grid view.

To pin a participant, double-tap their video. To unpin, double-tap their video again.

Tip: Tap a participant's video then More options . From the menu, tap Pin or Unpin.

Remove participants

To remove someone from the call:

  1. Tap More options then About this call.
  2. Next to the participant that you want to remove, tap Remove .
Important: Only the meeting organiser can remove participants from a call.

Check who's in your meeting and the meeting info

You can find a list of participants and the meeting info, such as the meeting link and dial-in numbers.

Tap More options then About this call.

View in-call messages

To view in-call messages, tap More options then In-call messages.

Messages from others will appear, but you can't send messages on your display.

Leave a meeting

To leave a meeting, say "Hey Google, hang up", or tap End call .

If you leave your meeting and want to return to the call, tap Rejoin.

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