Track attendance & view Live stream report


  • Attendance tracking is available to Google Workspace Essentials, Business Plus, Enterprise Starter, Enterprise Essentials, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Education Plus and the Teaching and Learning Upgrade users. 
  • Live stream reports are only available for Workspace users with access to the live stream feature. Live streaming is  available for Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Education Plus, and Teaching and Learning Upgrade editions. 

Enable Attendance Tracking and Live stream reports

Important: Attendance tracking is retained in Meet for a short time. Report any tracking issues as soon as possible.

Attendance tracking and live stream reports will be enabled by default for your organization and can be turned on or off by Administrators. Learn more

  • Google Workspace for Education Plus users and Teaching and Learning Upgrade users automatically receive an attendance report for any meeting with 2 or more participants and a live stream report for all live stream events.
  • All other eligible Workspace users can turn attendance tracking and live stream reports on and off from within a meeting or from the Google Calendar event. 
    • If you turn these features off in recurring meetings or meetings that use the same meeting code, the setting will be saved for the next scheduled meeting  If you turn these features off in a one-time, nicknamed, or instant meeting, the feature will return to on, after the meeting ends.
  • Tip: Anyone who schedules or starts a meeting will be the meeting host. If you transfer or schedule a meeting on someone else's calendar, the other person could become the meeting host. By default, there is only one meeting host per meeting but you can add up to 25 co-hosts once inside the meeting.

Inside a meeting

  1. From the bottom, click Host controls .
  2. From the side panel that opens, toggle Attendance tracking on or off.

On Google Calendar

Go to and chose one: 

  1. Create a new event and then click Add Google Meet video conferencing
    1. On the right, click Change conference settings Settings
    2. Check the box next to "Attendance tracking" and then click Save.  
    3. Finish setting up your event.
  2. Click an existing meeting and then click Edit event
    1. Under event details, click Change conference settings Settings
    2. Check the box next to "Attendance tracking" and then click Save.  

Get your attendance report

After the meeting, the organizer will receive an email with an attached Google Sheets attendance report with the following info:

  • Participant’s name 
    • If someone calls in from their mobile device, instead of their name, some of their phone number digits will be listed. 
    • If someone calls in from a Google Meet meeting room, instead of their name, the meeting room’s name will be listed. 
  • Participant’s email
  • Length of time participant was on a call, including timestamps of when they first joined and when they left the call. 
    • If someone gets ejected from a call, that timestamp will be recorded as the time they left the call. 
    • If someone joins and leaves the call more than once, multiple timestamps won’t be listed, but their overall call duration will be included.


  • Meeting organizers get attendance reports for all meetings.
  • Attendance reports include the following fields:
    • First name
    • Last name
    • Email
    • Time joined
    • Time exited
    • Duration
  • Attendance reports for breakout rooms are in the spreadsheet in their own tab and also include: 
    • Breakout room 
    • Room opened  
    • Room closed  
    • Room duration

Get your Live stream report

After a live stream, the meeting organizer will receive an email with an attached Google Sheets report with the following info:

  • Presenters & live stream hosts who dialed into the meeting 
  • Participants who watched the live stream
    • A graph of the live stream’s viewership over time.
    • Total number of unique viewers that joined a live stream.
      • If the Live stream report isn't enabled prior to the live stream, the viewer count can still be found in the Meet quality tool.
    • Unique viewers per minute. 
Tip: You will receive a Google Sheets report for each live stream event. The report will show a different tab with metrics for every time you start and stop the same live stream.
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