Gallery file storage

As of January 16, 2021, Gallery has the dependability of the Google Photos infrastructure for Gallery file upload and storage, which allows us to provide you with a more consistent and reliable service. This means that new Gallery uploads may be reflected in your Google Photos storage quota.

All uploads to Gallery (images, videos, etc.) will be stored in the project owner’s Google Photos account and may count against Google Account storage. Existing Gallery files, uploaded prior to January 16, 2021, will not count against Google Account storage, but may be migrated to Google Photos in the future.

Viewing Google Photos drive storage

Navigate to your Google Drive Storage dashboard to find information about your usage. Gallery files uploaded after January 16, 2021 will be shown under the “Google Photos” storage section. 

Determining if a Gallery upload will use your storage

We recommend checking your Google Photos settings for upload size. You will see 2 options:

  1. High Quality - This option will provide unlimited free storage and no uploads will count against your storage quota. With this option, all photos larger than 16MP will be reduced to 16MP and videos higher quality than 1080p will be reduced to 1080p.
  2. Original Quality - This option includes limited free storage in your Google Account. All photos and videos will be uploaded in their original quality and will be counted against your Google Account storage quota. 

See this Google Photos help article for more details.

Note: Starting June 1, 2021, any new photos and videos backed up to Google Photos will use your storage. Until then, photos and videos backed up in High Quality will not use your storage. Learn more.

Gallery file storage and project ownership transfer

Upon transferring ownership of your Gallery project to another user, all files will be transferred to the new project owner’s Google Photos account and count against their storage quota.

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