About organizations

An organization is a way to centrally manage your company's analytics products.

You link analytics product accounts to an organization. As a result, they appear together on the Organization settings page, and you have a central point of administrative access.

Organizations let you manage the users of those analytics products. When you link an analytics product account to an organization, the users on that account also become organization users and are identified as having permissions for that product. You can also create users and user groups at the organization level and give them permissions for your analytics products.

You can give users administrative roles for the organization so they can carry out out management tasks.

Organizations also let you centrally manage the billing for and monitor usage of your analytics products.

The rest of the articles in this section cover the details of managing your analytics products in the context of organizations.

Create and delete organizations
Create an organization
  1. In Platform Home, click Administration > Organizations.
  2. Click Create organization.
  3. Enter a name for the organization, for example, your company name.
  4. Select the product accounts you want to link to the organization.
    • Click Link.
    • Select each account you want to link, and click SELECT 
  5. Click CREATE.
Delete an organization
  1. In Platform Home, click Administration > Organizations.
  2. On the card for the organization you want to delete, click More, then click Delete organization.


A user who has the role of either Org admin or User admin can create a maximum of 100 organizations.

You can create a maximum of 200 user groups in an organization.

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