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Map Error Putting Customer In Danger

To Whom Ever can Get This Fix ASP
We have a person starting to pull a gun on our customers being sent to wrong address.
For going on for over 2 years your map page for 120 Stantack Road, Middletown, CT automatically changes the address to 120 NORTH Stantack Road, Middletown, CT.
The home owner has gotten to the point of him pulling a gun on customers over this. We are a salvage yard and he lives on the end of a long gravel driveway posted private. Customer think could be going in a salvage yard and walk in his house think they have found our business. MUST GET FIX BEFORE SOMEONE GET KILL!!!
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Thanks for letting us know about this issue. Our map data can sometimes be wrong. For any issue, the best method to let us know is via report a problem. [1] In general, it takes about six weeks to fix incorrect road information from first report. We're doing our best to get data corrected faster, though. We appreciate your patience!

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There seems to be a very confused mix of data between the City of Middletown GIS data ( http://host.appgeo.com/MiddletownCT/Map.aspx ) which seems to refer to two separate roads, Stantack Rd and Stantack Rd (North)...but some of  the parcels it lists as "Stantack Rd" are mapped along what should be Stantack Rd (North)...and it does not list your "120" address...

further complicated by your business on Stantack Rd being located at the end of the road which seems to be in a different county than Middletown / the beginning of the road...

even further complicated by GIS data in your county (and specifically the city of Meriden's GIS Data http://gis.ci.meriden.ct.us/meriden/#/TaxMap ) not showing your road, but showing your property with an address of 850 Westfield Rd

No wonder there is a problem in sorting out the maps of these two roads.

Normally, the GIS data helps resolve map issues....I think it created this issue.    So, to look at it from a different perspective:

Stantack Rd (your road):
Google Maps associates addresses 2 - 98 with this road
The USPS ZIP locator associates addresses 1 - 199 with this road

Stantack Rd North (with the crazy gun person who should be reported to the police):
Google Maps associates addresses 1 - 699 with this road
The USPS ZIP locator only associates addresses 603 - 621 with this road

To resolve your issue, I'd recommend Google Maps update their addresses to match the US Postal Service view of those roads.    I submitted problem reports to Google with that recommendation and a link to this thread.
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