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Capture & publish a Photo Path with your phone

You can use your phone's camera to publish a series of connected photos on Google Maps Street View. This is called a Photo Path.

Important: This feature may not be available in all languages and countries.

Capture your images

Important: This feature is only available on Android devices 7.0 and up that are compatible with ARCore. Check whether your device is ARCore compatible.
  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Street View app Street View.
  2. Tap the Photo Path card.
  3. To verify your GPS, tap Info Information. You'll need GPS to collect Street View data.
  4. Position your phone straight ahead.
     Tip: For the best experience, capture imagery in landscape.
  5. Tap Capture Capture.
    • Details display on either side of the Capture button as you capture imagery. The experience will feel similar to creating a video.
  6. To stop your capture, tap Stop Stop capture.

Tip: Consider using a mount for stability, if mounts are legal in your area.

Publish your images


  • We recommend that you publish Photo Paths while connected to WiFi. Images can be large and might use significant network bandwidth when you publish them.
  • The locations where you capture images will be used to position them on the map. Only submit images you want to share with other people.
  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Street View app Street View.
  2. To find your images, at the bottom, tap Profile. Your Photo Paths are listed in order of collection date.
  3. Select the Photo Path you want, and tap Publish Publish.
    • The time it takes to publish depends on the size of your file and your network bandwidth. It may take 1-3 times as long as the length of the image capture to publish.
    • To view your published images, tap Profile. You can find your Photo Paths under “Published.” The Photo Path need time to be processed before they’re available. Connections between individual photos will appear within 24 hours of completed publishing.

Tip: You may also be able to view your Photo Path in the Google Maps Street View layer if you've contributed in an area where there are no existing Street View images. Photo Paths appear as dotted blue lines in the Street View layer on your mobile device.

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