Explore photos in the Street View gallery

Use the Street View gallery to discover and explore 360 photos that our team and partners have collected from across the world.

View photos from around the world

To see photos from our Street View special collections, visit the Street View gallery.

Tip: To see more photos or a list of places on the gallery page, go to the top right and click the square.

View 360 photos

  1. Click a 360 photo.
  2. At the top, click the left or right arrows to see others in the collection.
  3. Click the Clear to go back to the gallery page or View on Google Maps to see the photo on Google Maps.

Apply to borrow a Street View camera

You can take 360 photos with a Street View camera to help Google Maps share the world. If you’re a professional photographer, traveller, or part of an organization, you can apply to borrow a Street View camera.

Here are the types of cameras that you can borrow:

  • Street View Trekker backpack
  • Street View app-compatible 360 camera
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