Make a reservation in Google Maps

You can make bookings and reservations in the United Kingdom with Reserve with Google.

Booking through Reserve with Google allows you to search, book and pay for your bookings or tickets without leaving a Google surface.

You can find a local business, reserve a service and pay for your bookings or tickets through the Reserve with Google platform. You can find a business by simply searching for it on Google, in Maps or in Google Assistant. Google Pay makes the checkout process simple.

Note: Reserve with Google is only available in certain countries/regions where businesses work with a supported scheduling provider.

Make a reservation or booking

Go to Google Search, Maps, or Google Assistant to make a booking from a local business or service.

Manage a booking

After you make a booking, you can check details, modify it or cancel it. You can also delete your waiting list entry.

All cancellations and modifications are subject to the cancellation policy of the business. This policy is provided in the booking description, at checkout and in your booking confirmation email. Google isn’t responsible for a business’s service cancellation or refund policies.

Check details for a booking

To check the details of your booking, you can do the following:

  • Review the confirmation email for the booking.

  • Check your bookings on the Reserve with Google website.

Modify a booking

Some businesses allow you to modify a booking after it’s been made.

To modify your booking:

  1. Go to the Reserve with Google website.

  2. At the top left, click Menu Menu.

  3. Select Bookings and then Upcoming.

  4. Look for the booking that you want to change.

  5. Click Modify.

When you modify your booking, bear the following in mind:

  • If your booking is in the next 1–2 days, it’s best to call the business directly to modify the booking.

  • In some situations, you may have to cancel your booking and re-book with the updated information.

Change the email address associated with the booking

Bookings are associated with the Google Account used to make the booking. Due to this, you can't edit your email address after you’ve made a booking.

Cancel a booking

Not all bookings are eligible for refunds or cancellation. To find out if your booking is eligible, refer to your confirmation email or the booking details on the Reserve with Google website.

If your booking is eligible for cancellation, there are two ways that you can cancel it:

  • Refer to your confirmation email for instructions on how to cancel your booking.

  • On the Reserve with Google website, click Cancel next to the booking.
    Note: Cancellation is subject to the business’s cancellation policy.

If you’re still unable to cancel the reservation, we recommend that you call the business directly.

Who can use Reserve with Google

Reserve with Google is only available in certain countries to businesses that work with a supported scheduling provider. Users must have a Google Account to use Reserve with Google.

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