Get started with transit payment options

Google Maps offers features that help you find ticket options on transit trips.

How we rank transit payment options

When there are multiple ticket options, Google Maps ranks transit agencies based on the following factors: 

  • Data accuracy: Transit agencies that provide accurate and real-time departure and arrival time data are ranked higher.
  • Popularity: Ticket options are prioritized based on their conversion rates.
  • Convenience: Based on the ease of the provider’s checkout experience.

Generally, the most important factor is data accuracy in order to ensure that users always have the most accurate transit data across Google Maps.

To show you these results, Google Maps partners with many ticket providers, like transit agencies, operators, and third-party resellers. Results may not reflect all available partners.

Under “Agency info,” you can find tickets for agencies that don’t have real-time departure information. Your trip information is pre-populated if the provider allows it.

Based on the provider’s preferences, you can purchase and save tickets through Google Wallet. Payment experience varies by ticket type.

  • Transit agencies that accept open-loop payments: You can tap to pay with your preferred payment option.
  • Transit agencies that accept closed-loop payment cards: You can buy, add, and recharge your transit card directly in Google Wallet.
  • Transit passes like visual tickets and barcode tickets: You’re taken to the provider’s purchase site, where you can then save the ticket to Google Wallet.

Find your purchased tickets in Google Wallet

In “Your data in Wallet,” if you turn on “Use passes across Google” and “Manage passes data,” you can view your purchased tickets. For most tickets, you can tap your phone to pay for your trip. You can also access and use barcode and QR code tickets from Google Wallet.

Multi-agency ticketing

In some regions, tickets purchased from one transit agency may be valid for use with other agencies in that region. Before purchasing a ticket for a trip via Google Maps, we recommend you check existing tickets in your possession and their validity for upcoming trips. You can also contact your ticketing provider to confirm.

When you purchase a ticket via Google Maps, the ticket will, at a minimum, cover the indicated part of that trip. Tickets may also cover other portions of your trip. Contact your ticket provider to check.

More info about transit payments

  • Special prices for infants and students aren’t included yet.
  • This feature is only available on Android Google Mobile Maps. All countries and regions are included subject to partner availability.

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