Fix a missing address or wrong pin location

You can publicly add or edit addresses in Maps. Add mailing addresses, fix where packages would be delivered, or adjust pin locations.

Fix an address

To fix an individual address:

  1. On your computer, open Google Maps.
  2. Search for an address. Then, click Suggest an edit and then Wrong pin location or address.
  3. Enter the address information.
  4. To submit, click Send.

If you want to add an address that doesn’t have a road on the map, add it first. After your submission is accepted, follow the steps under Add a new address.

Tip: To improve an area’s geographic information on Google Maps, organizations or governments can fix multiple addresses with our Geo Data Upload tool. These organizations or governments must meet our partner and content requirements.

Add a new address

  1. On your computer, open Google Maps.
  2. Click Menu Menu
  3. At the bottom, click Edit the map and then Wrong pin location or address.
  4. Move and center the map on the address you want to add.
  5. Enter the address information. 
  6. To submit, click Send.

To fix multiple addresses: You must add each address individually with the steps above.

Make other place or address edits

Add a private label

You can add a private label to places on your map. When you fix an address, your update is publicly available. But only you can see your private labels. Labeled places show up on your map, in search suggestions, and in the "Your places" screen.

Add a missing place or building

You can also add missing places, like public landmarks, coffee shops, or other local businesses. Learn how to add missing places to the map.

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