format [format]

The format [format] attribute defines the media format of a product and is used to help distinguish between versions of books, music, movies, software and video games that are published or distributed in different formats or versions. Some examples of how to use format include:

  • A video game that comes in PlayStation 4 and Xbox One formats
  • A book that comes in paperback and hardcover editions
  • A musical album that comes in CD and vinyl formats
  • A movie that comes in DVD and Blu-Ray formats

Format values can be difficult to represent across different types of media products. It is not required to provide these exact values, but it may be helpful for you to standardize the format values of your media products.

  • Books: Paperback, Hardcover
  • Music: CD, HDCD, Vinyl
  • Movies: DVD, Blu-Ray
  • Software: Windows, Mac OS, Linux
  • Video games: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Wii U, Nintendo 3ds, etc.

When to use

Required for all products in an item group that vary by format. Recommended for all products for which format is an important, distinguishing attribute.


Follow these formatting guidelines to make sure we understand the data you're submitting.

Type String (Unicode characters. Recommended: ASCII only)
Limits Up to 1000 characters
Repeated field No


File format Example value



XML feeds



Follow these guidelines to make sure you submit high-quality data for your products.

Minimum requirements

These are the requirements you'll need to meet to upload data for your products. If you don't follow these requirements, we'll disapprove this attribute and let you know in the Diagnostics page of your Manufacturer Center account.

  • There are no minimum requirements for this attribute. Keep in mind that you still need to follow the formatting guidelines or the information you submit can't be used.



Attribute Value
format [format] Hardcover

Video game variants

If your product comes in different formats, submit the format for each variant.

Attribute Value
format [format] PlayStation 4
item group id [item_group_id] vg123ps4
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