suggested retail price [suggested_retail_price]

Use the suggested retail price [suggested_retail_price] to tell Google how much you suggest retailers charge for your product. This information is not shown to users in product ads.

When to use

Optional for all products. 


To make sure we understand the data you're submitting, follow these formatting guidelines:

Type Alphanumeric
Limits Up to 50 characters
Repeated field No


File format Example value
Text feeds 99 USD
XML feeds <g:suggested_retail_price>99 USD</g:suggested_retail_price>


To make sure you submit high-quality data for your products, follow these requirements and best practices.

Minimum requirements

To use this attribute to upload your product's data, follow these minimum requirements. If your attribute is disapproved, we'll notify you in the Diagnostics page of your Manufacturer Center account. 

  • Don't include symbols to indicate a currency. Suggested retail price may only contain letters and numbers. 
  • You must include a 3-letter currency code:
    • The currency code can be placed before or after the numerical value.  
  • Don’t include tax or shipping cost in your price.
  • Submit a price that’s greater than 0.

Best practices

To optimize your product data for performance, follow this best practice: 

  • Don't include any sale or promotional prices for items. 
  • Submit a price that can be represented in your target country’s currency (according to ISO 4217). For example, instead of 1.0012 USD, submit 1.01 USD. If your price can’t be represented in your target country’s currency, then we’ll round it to a value that can.  



If your product comes in multiple colors or sizes, you might also have different suggested retail prices for each of these variants. For example:

Google Manufacturer Center - GTIN - 5

Attribute Value
title [title] Google T-shirt - Green - Small
suggested retail price [suggested_retail_price] 10.99 USD
color [color] green

size [size]

id [id] 9876-S-GRN
item group id [item_group_id] 9876


Attribute Value
title [title] Google T-shirt - Blue- Small
suggested retail price [suggested_retail_price] 8.99 USD
color [color] blue

size [size]

id [id] 9876-S-BLU
item group id [item_group_id] 9876


Attribute Value
title [title] Google T-shirt - Yellow - Small
suggested retail price [suggested_retail_price] 10.50 USD
color [color] yellow

size [size]

id [id] 9876-S-YELLOW
item group id [item_group_id] 9876

Phone or tablet with a contract

Google Manufacturers Center - Nexus phone


Attribute Value
title [title] Google Nexus 6 - 32 GB - Midnight Blue - With contract
suggested retail price [suggested_retail_price] 0.00 USD

Products sold in bulk

Google Manufacturer Center - Products sold in bulk


Attribute Value
title [title] Google Flat Head Sheet Metal Screws 1000 / pk
suggested retail price [suggested_retail_price] 7.50 USD
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