Manufacturer Center vs. Merchant Center feeds

A Merchant Center feed is primarily used to help a merchant specify details that aid in the sale of the product. It may contain information specific to retailers (sale price, availability, product type, shipping information, etc.). Merchant Center accounts are available to any retailer who would like to use Google to advertise the products that they sell.

A Manufacturer Center feed is primarily used by branded manufacturers to share detailed and rich product information such as product titles, descriptions, images, key features, YouTube videos, and others that are not captured in a Merchant Center feed. The data submitted into Manufacturer Center is used to enrich Google's overall product catalog. Manufacturer Center is only available to manufacturers, brand owners, and brand licensors, regardless of whether they sell directly to consumers.

It is possible for a manufacturer to participate in both Merchant Center and Manufacturer Center. Information provided via Manufacturer Center will not affect the listed retailers or the sale price of products advertised on Google via Merchant Center. If a manufacturer would like to advertise their products for sale, they can do so via Merchant Center.

Details provided through Manufacturer Center help us better understand the product and its defining attributes. We use this information to enhance the information that is available to consumers. Additionally, this information helps to increase the quality of the Shopping ads that we display to customers based on their search queries across the Google ecosystem. We may display the information directly to customers on, the Google Shopping tab, or Google Express. In addition, brands that invest in their structured data through Manufacturer Center have seen improvements in purchase conversions. Product information that is submitted may be displayed on, the Google Shopping tab, and Google Express.

Attribute Merchant Center Manufacturer Center
Additional image link
Optional Recommended
Adult [adult] Recommended if applicable n/a
Age group [age_group] Required if applicable Optional
Availability [availability] Required n/a
Availability date [availability_date] Recommended n/a
Brand [brand] Required Required
Bundle [is_bundle] Required if applicable n/a
Capacity [capacity] n/a Optional
Color [color] Required if applicable Optional
Condition [condition] Required n/a
Count [count] n/a Optional
Description [description] Required Required
Disclosure date [disclosure_date] n/a Optional
Excluded destination
Optional n/a
Expiration date [expiration_date] Optional n/a
Feature description
n/a Recommended
Flavor [flavor] n/a Optional
Format [format] n/a Optional
Gender [gender] Required if applicable Optional
Product grouping for display ads
Required if applicable n/a
Product grouping label for display ads
Optional if applicable n/a
Ads redirect [ads_redirect] Optional if applicable n/a
Google product category
Recommended n/a
GTIN [gtin] Required Required
ID [id] Required Required
Image link [image_link] Required Required
Item group ID [item_group_id] Required if applicable Optional
Material [material] Required if applicable Optional
mobile link [mobile_link] Recommended n/a
MPN [mpn] Recommended Recommended
Suggested retail price
Recommended Optional
Multipack [multipack] Required if applicable n/a
Pattern [pattern] Required if applicable Optional
Price [price] Required if applicable n/a
Product detail [product_detail] n/a Optional
Product line [product_line] n/a Recommended
Product name [product_name] n/a Optional
Product detail page link
Required Optional
Product type [product_type] Recommended Optional
Release date [release_date] n/a Optional
Sale price [sale_price] Recommended n/a
Sale price effective date
Recommended n/a
Scent [scent] n/a Optional
Shipping [shipping] Required n/a
Shipping height [shipping_height] Recommended n/a
Shipping label [shipping_label] Optional n/a
Shipping length [shipping_length] Recommended n/a
Shipping weight [shipping_weight] Required if applicable n/a
Shipping width [shipping_width] Recommended n/a
Size [size] Required if applicable Optional
Size system [size_system] Recommended Optional
Size type [size_type] Recommended Optional
Tax [tax] Required n/a
Theme [theme] n/a Optional
Title [title] Required Required
Unit pricing base measure
Recommended if applicable n/a
Unit pricing measure
Recommended if applicable n/a
Video link [video_link] n/a Optional

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