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The first page you'll see when you sign in to the Manufacturer Center account is your account "Overview", which contains a snapshot of "Brands" and "Products" in your account. After you have entered at least one brand and one product, you will also see a tile containing "Feeds" and "Analytics information."

You can use the links on these tiles as shortcuts to access filtered information within each category. For example, clicking on the numbers in the "Active" column of the "Products" tile will take you directly to the "Products" table with the filter set to "Active" for that destination.

The "Brands" section will display the current status of information for your brands.

  • Approved: Your brand has been successfully processed and products of that brand are being exported to Shopping ads. It will take up to 48 hours for your brand to be “Approved”.
  • Pending review: Your brand is awaiting review. This status will be displayed if you just entered a new brand, or if you edited existing brand information. If it takes a while for your brand to be “Approved”, it might be because you have not completed the email verification process. Visit the “Account settings” page to check if your email is pending verification status.
  • Rejected: Your brand has data errors and is not being exported to Shopping ads.

The "Products" section will display the current status of information for your products.

  • Active: Your products that are eligible for the specific destination have been processed successfully.
  • Pending: Your products are in queue for processing for a specific destination.
  • Disapproved: A disapproved product is not eligible for a specific destination. You can review the "Diagnostics" page for a summary of the issues affecting your products. Review the "Products" page to see which attributes have been disapproved. To fix issues, use the product detail editor or upload a new feed.

The "Feeds" section will show you each feed that has been registered in your Manufacturer Center account. Selecting a feed will take you directly to that feed's "Summary" page. From this page, you can download previous data files that have been uploaded to that feed in the last 30 days and you can also review warnings and errors from each of those uploads.

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