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Does anyone know how to setup a compuserve email account to Fetch into Gmail?

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Compuserve will not auto-forward and Gmail Fetcher requires POP access (CS is IMAP) so is there any way to do this?

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If Compuserve will not forward your messages to GMail, then no, there would seem to be no way to do this easily. 

I haven't used Compuserve for 20 years, but if it offers IMAP, then you *may* be able to set it up to synchronise with a client. If you then set up your GMail account in the same client over IMAP, in theory you should be able to drag your CS mail over to your GMail folders. But it's a bit long winded for daily use, and would only be worth it if you were wanting to transfer a backlog of old mail. 

Try it - experiment and see what works. See below for setting GMail up to work with a client over IMAP.

PS - I have just noticed that cs.com is on the list of supported providers for GMail's Import service.

So you may be able to use GMail's Import service to bring over the old mail. But this service is not 100% reliable and may not succeed. However, try the step-by-step instructions below:

מפרסם הפוסט המקורי
OK, I seem to have this working, but still have a couple of questions.  I just used the Gmail Fetcher to pull my email in from Compuserve.  It seems to work, however new emails that I send to myself at my CS email address do not fetch over to gmail.  The default settings for Fetch accessed the account using the imap.cs.com server.  Should I be using the pop3 server access instead?  Someone said it might be pop.aol.com?
Sorry, I have no idea about the server names at CS or AOL. You'll need to check their support forums to find that out. 


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