Fix bounced or rejected emails

'The email account that you tried to reach...'

If you get this error, your recipient's address might not work or exist any more.

  1. Check for these common mistakes in the email address you're sending to:
    • Quotation marks
    • Dots at the end of the address
    • Spaces before or after an address
    • Spelling errors
  2. Search your contacts for a different address used by the same person

Other errors

'Message flagged as spam' or 'Message temporarily rejected'

Why your message bounced

  • Your message text or links look suspicious
  • You added a large group of recipients to 'cc' or 'bcc'

What you can do

'Recipient server did not accept our requests'

Why your message bounced

You'll see this error message if Gmail isn't able to connect to the email server of your email's recipient.

What you can do

The problem usually goes away quickly without you doing anything. Try sending the email again later.

If you keep seeing the error:

  • Check if there are any mistakes in the recipient's email address
  • Contact the customer support team of your recipient's email provider

If you got this error while emailing someone at your work, school or other organisation, contact your administrator.

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