Google Tasks in Gmail

Use Google Tasks to keep track of the things you need to do. You can create lists of items, set due dates and notes, and even add Gmail messages directly to Tasks.

Using Google Tasks in Gmail

To get started, click the down arrow next to Gmail in the top left corner of your Gmail page, then choose Tasks.

To enter tasks, click in the Tasks window and start typing. Once you've typed in a task, press 'Enter' to create another task, or use the + button at the bottom of your list.

Here are some of the options available in Google Tasks:

  • Create a task about a Gmail message using the keyboard shortcut Shift + T, or by choosing Add to Tasks from the More menu above your Gmail conversation.
  • Switch between existing lists or create new ones using the List icon in the bottom right corner.
  • Create "subtasks" by using Tab to indent them, and Shift + Tab to move them back.
  • Move tasks by grabbing them to the left of the check mark and dragging them up and down.
  • Add new tasks to the middle of a list by clicking at the beginning or end of an existing task and pressing Enter.
  • Check off Tasks when you're done, and use Actions > Clear completed to hide them. Don't worry, you can still view them later!
  • Print your tasks by clicking Actions and selecting Print task list.

Google Tasks Keyboard Shortcuts

Useful keyboard shortcuts for Gmail and Google Tasks are listed here:

In Gmail Shift + T Create a task based on the open message
  G and then K Open Tasks, or shift the cursor from Gmail to Tasks
In the Tasks Window Tab Moves task right ("subtasks")
  Shift + Tab Moves task left
  Ctrl + Up Moves task up
  Ctrl + Down Moves task down
  Shift + Enter Edit task details, including due date or notes
  Esc Close Tasks
  Shift + Esc Shift the cursor from Tasks to Gmail

Google Tasks error messages

If you’ve received an error message, try reading through these troubleshooting tips.

"Sorry, there has been an error. Reload." or "Connection down. Try now."

If you see either of these error messages, then most likely your computer temporarily lost your online connection. Verify that you're connected to the Internet, and try reloading Tasks by clicking the link in the error message.

Should the problem continue, please try all the troubleshooting steps for when Gmail is slow.

"Unable to reach Gmail, please check your Internet connection."

If you see this error message, you likely won't need to do anything but wait for Gmail to recover on its own. You may want to refresh your browser or clear cache and cookies if the problem persists.

Deleting tasks

You can delete tasks that you have created. Deletions will take effect immediately in your account view, although residual copies may take up to 30 days to be deleted from our servers.

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