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Upgrade Looker Studio content to Looker Studio Pro

How to move content created in Looker Studio into Looker Studio Pro.
This article is intended for users and administrators whose organization has already subscribed to Looker Studio Pro.

As a Looker Studio Pro user, any new content that you create in a Pro project, such as a report or data source, is Pro content. This content is owned by your organization and can include Pro features. In addition, Looker Studio Pro content is protected from accidental deletion by a lien on your Pro projects, which ensures that your content continues to work even if you leave the organization.

Looker Studio Pro features are not available for content that is created in Looker Studio. Each asset that is created in Looker Studio must be upgraded using one of the methods outlined on this page.

Tip: Upgrading existing content doesn't change that content's URL. Links to your content continue to work as they did before the upgrade. People who already have view or edit permissions on the content won't lose access.
Note: You can directly share Pro content with users of the no-cost version of Looker Studio. Sharing Pro content directly with Looker Studio users grants them access to the content; however, these users may not be able to add or use Pro features.

How to upgrade your Looker Studio content

Looker Studio content can become Looker Studio Pro content in the following ways:

Move content manually from Owned by me to your Sandbox

To upgrade your existing Looker Studio content to Looker Studio Pro, simply move your reports and any reusable data sources out of your Owned by me location and into a team workspace or your Sandbox under a Pro project. You'll be able to use Looker Studio Pro features with your upgraded content immediately.

Learn more about adding and removing team workspace assets.

Move content automatically to a default project

Organization administrators can set up a default Google Cloud project for Looker Studio Pro content. If you have a Pro subscription associated with that project, your content will be moved into your Sandbox under that project.

Note: When you have a Looker Studio Pro subscription associated with a default Pro project, you'll no longer have an Owned by me location. All new content that you create must live either in your Sandbox or in a team workspace.

Content locations in Looker Studio and Looker Studio Pro

In Looker Studio, the content -- reports, data sources, and explorations -- that you create or own lives in the Owned by me location in the left navigation. Even if you share the content with someone else, you are still the owner.

Looker Studio left navigation with the Owned by me location highlighted.

Looker Studio Pro content, on the other hand, lives either in a team workspace or in a Sandbox.

Looker Studio left navigation showing a Pro project named looker-studio-pro, a highlighted team workspace named A workspace, and Sandbox. Owned by me is also available.

If your administrator has set up a default Pro project, and you have a Pro license on that project, you won't see Owned by me in your left navigation. You can create content only in your Sandbox or in a team workspace.

Looker Studio left navigation showing a Pro project named My project with a highlighted Sandbox. Owned by me is not available.

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