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About Looker Studio Pro

Looker Studio Pro is the premium version of Looker Studio. With Looker Studio Pro, you get access to all the features of Looker Studio that you already know, plus enhanced enterprise capabilities and technical support.

What you get with Looker Studio Pro

Own your organization’s content

Your Looker Studio Pro reports and data sources belong to your organization, rather than to individual users. Link your Looker Studio Pro content to a Google Cloud project to ensure that your critical assets will continue to work even if the person who created them leaves the organization. In addition, Google Cloud administrators can set​​ project-level permissions with IAM to control access to those assets.

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Collaborate at scale with team workspaces

Team workspaces are shared locations for team collaboration that enable Looker Studio Pro users to manage access and share Looker Studio content at scale.

Members of a team workspace automatically get access to the content, and the specific permissions on workspaces depend on which role those members are granted: Manager, Content Manager, or Contributor.

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Automate report delivery

Keep your colleagues, clients, and stakeholders up to date with enhanced features for scheduled report delivery.

As a Looker Studio Pro customer, you can add up to 20 delivery schedules to a report and deliver reports to Google Chat. You can also set up alerts that will notify you and your stakeholders when a chart on your Looker Studio report meets criteria that you specify.

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Empower exploration with personal report links

Democratize data exploration by sharing personal report links with your team.

A personal report link creates a copy of your report that is only accessible to the person who opens the link. Personal reports let other people edit and explore their copy of the report while preventing changes to your original report.

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Looker Studio mobile app

The Looker Studio mobile application (app) lets users access reports and data while on the go.

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Get help with Cloud Customer Care

Looker Studio Pro customers have access to Google Cloud Customer Care's scalable and flexible support services. Learn more.

Note: Looker Studio support is not included in other premium Google Cloud services. To receive technical support for Looker Studio Pro issues, you'll need both a Google Cloud support plan and a Looker Studio Pro subscription.

How to get Looker Studio Pro

Looker Studio Pro is available as a self-service subscription. You can add as many Looker Studio Pro users to the subscription as you need, and you'll be billed for each licensed user in the subscription. For pricing visit our Marketing page.

Before you begin

Looker Studio Pro is available for Google Workspace or Cloud Identity Premium accounts. You are not currently signed in. To use Looker Studio Pro, sign in using a Workspace/Cloud Identity account (does not end in

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