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  1. Terms. To use Google Local Services (“Local Services”), you agree to be bound by (1) the Google Terms of Service, and (2) these Local Services Additional Terms of Service (the “Local Services Additional Terms”).
    Please read each of these documents carefully. Together, these documents are known as the “Terms”.
    If these Local Services Additional Terms conflict with the Google Terms of Service, these Local Services Additional Terms will govern the use of Local Services.
    Although it’s not a part of these Terms, we encourage you to read our Privacy Policy to better understand how you can update, manage, export, and delete your information.
    Please note that Local Services only helps you to connect with service providers. If you book the services of a professional service provider through Local Services, you will be entering into an agreement with the service provider directly. Some Local Services service providers do not advertise directly with Google, but instead as a member of a partner affiliate network and the service provider may impose or ask you to consent to additional terms relating to their provision of services to you, and you acknowledge that different terms of use, service terms, or other contractual provisions may apply to your receipt of services.
  2. Age requirements. You must be 18 years of age of above to use Local Services.
  3. Service providers. Local Services may display information regarding how service providers qualify for Local Services ads, including any applicable licenses held or other relevant credentials (including by referencing third-party credentials). Service providers labeled as “Guaranteed,” and that appear within a collection of service providers labeled “Sponsored,” “Ads,” or similar designation, are participating in Local Services ads <http://google.com/homeserviceads> and may have compensated Google as part of their participation or may be required to pay Google if you use Local Services to contact them. These labels are not warranties, and you should evaluate a service provider on your own, since Google cannot confirm that a service provider or their services are suitable for your needs. We offer information regarding service providers only to assist your evaluation. Please use your best judgment when selecting service providers and interacting with them.
  4. Prices and taxes. Service prices may vary by service provider. All prices and related fees are set by each service provider, not Google, and the service provider is solely responsible for collecting any applicable taxes. If you have questions about a price or applicable tax, please contact the service provider.
  5. Service quality. Google does not participate in the provision of any services provided to you by a service provider. You agree that the service provider, and not Google, is responsible for handling all claims made by you in connection with the services provided. We are not responsible for, and do not offer refunds for services provided by the service provider.
  6. Google Guarantee. If you’re unable to resolve your concerns directly with the service provider, we may (in our sole and absolute discretion) reimburse you if you are not satisfied with the quality of a service provider’s services. Under the Google Guarantee we may reimburse you for services booked through Local Services up to the cost of the initial service provided, up to a maximum lifetime limit of €1,500. Please look out for the “Google Guaranteed” badge being displayed beside a service provider’s name and on their profile page for providers backed by the Google Guarantee. You can find more information about how the Google Guarantee works (and how to submit a reimbursement request) at google.com/homeservices/guarantee. You do not have to pay for the Google Guarantee. The Google Guarantee is not a product warranty or endorsement, nor is it a form of insurance. All decisions related to your eligibility and any payments or reimbursements made to you by Google under the Google Guarantee are made in Google’s sole and absolute discretion. To be eligible for the Google Guarantee, in addition to the other conditions contained in the Google Guarantee policy you must:
    • be over the age of 18.
    • be legally capable of entering into a legally binding agreement.
    • You must not have a commercial, familial, or other business or personal relationship with the applicable service provider.
    • have booked the services with the service provider through Local Services.
    • submit a request for reimbursement within 30 days of the initial service completion date.
    • not have exceeded your lifetime limit as described in these Local Services Additional Terms.

Google may request additional information from you about the service provided when reviewing and assessing your reimbursement request.

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