Add a missing place to the map

You can publicly add places, like a business or landmark, to the map. On Android, you can also add the address of a house or apartment.

To add a missing place, follow the steps below.

Search for an address

  1. On your computer, open Google Maps.
  2. Search for an address.
  3. Click Add a missing place.


  • Name, location and category of the place are required. Other attributes aren't required, but might help to speed up the review process.
  • To find your home on the map quickly, set your home address. No one else can see your home unless you choose to share it.
  • If you're using Maps in Lite mode, you can't add a missing place to Google Maps.

How long it takes for places to be added to Maps

We review your edits, so your changes might take some time to be updated on the map. Google may email you about the status of your edits and may forward you questions from other people who review your edits.

Add information about your business

To update your business information on Google Maps:

If you own a business, use Google My Business to manage your listing’s information for free. You'll be able to quickly manage details such as your opening hours, address and photos.

To update your business information on Google Maps:

After you claim and verify your business, you'll be able to update your business information.

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