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We will soon require users to be logged in to a Google Account in order to submit a Google Shopping trademark or counterfeit complaint. This will help validate brand owner identities and prevent impersonation of brand owners in trademark and counterfeit notices. 

For the most efficient review of your complaints, please make sure you are logged in to a Google Account associated with your corporate email address when submitting the complaint form. See how to sign out or switch accounts, or how to use an existing email address to create a Google Account.


To report a violation of Counterfeit products policy or Trademarks policy on Shopping, submit this form.

If your concern relates to another policy, please report the issue using the Report an ad form.


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We normally accept trademark complaints from the headquarters of the registered trademark owner, the owner's authorized agent, the owner's legal counsel, or an agency acting as the first point of contact. If you do not meet these criteria, please have the trademark owner authorize you to submit this complaint by contacting If you already have documentation showing that you are authorized to act on behalf of the trademark owner please attach it in the "Clarifications" section.
Please provide us with a list of trademarks and relevant countries below. If you have more than one trademark at issue, you may attach a schedule of your marks to the complaint form in PDF or Microsoft Word file formats.
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In your attached list, include:
  • Exact trademark
  • Country of registration
  • Registration number (or indicate that you’re claiming common law rights in a country where rights are acquired through use)
Add additional
  1. Right-click on the PLA title or image.
  2. Click:
    • Copy Link Address (for Chrome)
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    • Copy Link Location (for Firefox)
  3. Paste the link address.

If you are concerned with multiple Shopping ads please report them here, rather than submitting additional forms.

Please enter a valid URL. URLs must include http:// and cannot contain spaces. Get help finding a URL. 

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Legal Affirmations *
Check each of the following statements if you agree. We cannot investigate your report if you don’t check both boxes.
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