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To report a violation of Counterfeit products policy or Trademarks policy in Shopping Ads and listings, including product listings and merch shelf on YouTube, submit this form.

For the most efficient review of your complaints, please make sure you are logged in to a Google Account associated with your corporate email address when submitting the complaint form. See how to sign out or switch accounts, or how to use an existing email address to create a Google Account.

If your concern relates to another Shopping policy and/or violation of printer cartridge requirements, please report the issue using the Report an ad form

If you are concerned with trademark or counterfeit issues in Google Ads ads, which are separate and distinct from Shopping Ads and listings, see the Google Ads Trademarks policy or Counterfeit goods policy for more information on how to submit a complaint.

Legal removal requests are subject to automated processing. For more information, see the Legal Help Center.

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In the "Type of violation" field, indicate whether you are submitting a Counterfeit or a Trademark complaint.

Select "Counterfeit" if you are concerned about Shopping ads/listings or merchants facilitating the sale of counterfeit goods.

Select "Trademark" if you are a trademark owner and believe that the use of your trademark in a Shopping ad /listing is likely to cause consumer confusion about the origin of the product.

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Please ensure that you have access to this email address, as you will be asked to verify it.
Relationship to trademark owner *
Your email address domain must match your or your law firm’s website.
For us to accept complaints or appeals from any other contacts, the trademark owner must provide explicit authorization for you to act on their behalf. Please attach either a signed statement from the trademark owner on their company letterhead that confirms that you are authorized to act on their behalf regarding trademark matters, or a power of attorney that confirms you are authorized to act on the trademark owner’s behalf. The signed statement or power of attorney should not contain conditions that bring the scope of your authority into question such as an expiration date in the past, territorial exclusions, or other restrictions that would apply to the complaint.

Trademark details

Please provide us with a list of trademarks and relevant countries below. If you have more than one trademark at issue, you may attach a schedule of your marks to the complaint form in PDF or Microsoft Word file formats.
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In your attached list, include:
  • Exact trademark
  • Country of registration
  • Registration number (or indicate that you’re claiming common law rights in a country where rights are acquired through use)

Infringement details

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Please limit your submission to 20 links for the fastest possible processing time.
If you would like to clarify any of the information you have provided, please do so here. 
I have a court order related to my complaint

Sworn statements

I represent that the information in this notification is true and correct and that I’m authorized to act on behalf of the trademark owner.  *
I have a good faith belief that use of the trademarks described above is not authorized by the trademark owner and is not otherwise permissible under law.  *
I acknowledge that a copy of the notice, including the trademark owner name and submitter email address, may be provided to the owner of the affected content. *
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