Using the Spatial Media Metadata Injector

The Spatial Media Metadata Injector adds metadata to a video file indicating that the file contains 360 video. Use the metadata injector to prepare 360 videos for upload to YouTube.

  • Download the Spatial Media Metadata Injector from the Google Spatial Media GitHub page.

    Note: The Spatial Media Metadata Injector is available for Windows (64-bit only) and OS X.

  • Launch the metadata injector, and click Open to open your 360 video.

  • If you used a 3D-360 camera such as the GoPro Odyssey or Yi HALO, check the "My video is stereoscopic 3D" checkbox.

    Note: If you used a monoscopic camera (e.g. Kodak PIXPRO SP360), leave the stereoscopic 3D box unchecked.

  • If your video contains spatial audio, check the "My video has spatial audio" checkbox.

  • Click Inject metadata to save a copy of your video with metadata injected.

  • You can now upload the injected video to YouTube.

    Note: When uploading 360 video to YouTube, there may be an additional delay after initial processing is complete before the video appears as a 360 video. There may be a further delay before spatial audio is available.