Recording spatial audio with the Zoom H2n

A Zoom H2n Handy Recorder is included with the GoPro Odyssey camera rig. The Zoom H2n is an easy-to-use ambisonic microphone, and it can record horizontal spatial audio compatible with the Jump platform when updated with firmware version 2.00 or newer.

Enable Spatial Audio Mode

To record spatial audio compatible with the Jump platform, the Zoom H2n must be set to Spatial Audio mode. To enable Spatial Audio mode:

  • Insert an SD card into the Zoom H2n.
  • Make sure the Zoom H2n is in standby monitoring mode, i.e. ready to start recording. If necessary, press and hold the MENU/HOME button to return to standby monitoring mode.
  • Press the MENU button once to open the main menu.
  • From the main menu, select REC to open the REC SETTING menu.
  • From the REC SETTING menu, select SPATIAL AUDIO.
  • Select "ON".

Note: If the SPATIAL AUDIO option is not present, you may need to update your Zoom H2n to firmware version 2.00 or newer. Follow the instructions on page 84 of the Zoom H2n Operations Manual (“Updating the system software”) to update your device.

If Spatial Audio mode is correctly enabled, the Zoom H2n display will show "SPATIAL AUDIO", as shown in the photo below:


Using the Zoom H2n with the GoPro Odyssey

For correct spatial audio, the GoPro Odyssey and the Zoom H2n must agree on which direction is "forward".

To orient the Zoom H2n correctly relative to the Odyssey, position the microphone so that its LCD screen is facing towards camera #1 on the Odyssey, as shown in the photo below:

Note: Camera #1 on the Odyssey is indicated by a small number "1" next to the lens.