Jump Manager overview

Jump Manager, a Mac-only desktop application, is the interface between Jump cameras and Jump Assembler. Jump Assembler is a cloud-based system for converting the raw footage captured by Jump cameras into 3D-360 videos and photos.

Jump Manager works in three stages:

1. Import and organizing Jump camera source footage from the microSD cards to a local storage device.

2. Uploading Jump camera source footage to Jump Assembler for cloud stitching into 3D-360 videos and photos.

3. Downloading stitched media from the cloud.

To use Jump Manager you need:

  • Jump Creator ID
  • MacPro or MacBook Pro running Mac OS X El Capitan (10.11) or newer
  • Lexar HR2 Professional Workflow with Thunderbolt and microSD card readers
  • Solid state drives formatted as Mac OS Extended with a Thunderbolt connection
  • MicroSD cards containing Jump camera source footage 
  • Internet connection at 100Mbps or faster

Jump Creator ID

To use Jump Manager you must have a Jump Creator ID, which enables access to Google Cloud Storage. This ID will be assigned to you by the Jump Team when you receive your Jump camera, and will be in this form:


Save this ID, because you'll need it to authorize access to Google Cloud Storage the first time you launch Jump Manager.  

Google Cloud Storage access and control

Jump Assembler uses Google Cloud Storage for storing the shots uploaded by Jump Manager, and the resulting stitched 3D-360 videos and photos created by Jump Assembler.

To help manage access to the files, the Jump Team will create an associated Google group and storage bucket with the same name as the Jump Creator ID. Your group owner will receive an email invitation to join the group.

Files stored in the bucket are accessible only by the members of the group. All group members will have full read-write access to the bucket and its contents; there is no read-only access. Group owners control who is a member of this group. If someone new in your organization needs access to Jump Assembler, a group owner must add them to the Google group. To learn about Google Groups and managing members, see Invite people to your group in Groups Help. For information about Google Cloud Storage, see Google Cloud Storage Documentation

Uploading and stitching

Use Jump Manager to upload your source files to the cloud for Jump Assembler to stitch into a seamless 3D-360 videos and photos. After the files are uploaded, the stitching process can take up to two days. When the stitches are ready, an email will be sent to the Google group. The results will be visible for download using the Jump Manager application. For information about downloading your video, see Download stitched media.