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Known Issues

Very large jams may affect performance


Jamboard responds very slowly and sometimes quits unexpectedly. This may be caused by jams with very large models (large number of objects, images, or strokes) negatively affecting performance.


  • Don't copy frames to use them as templates. Use an image capture as a template to create additional frames.
  • Split large jams into multiple jams. Copy the jam and delete duplicate frames from the original and the copy.
  • Reduce the total number of strokes in a jam. Keep in mind the following:
    • Duplicating a frame will duplicate all of the individual strokes.
    • Eraser strokes count as strokes.
    • The total number of strokes in the entire jam (not just the active frame) will affect the performance.
Jamboard NFC sensor may not work when claiming ownership with your smartphone


After you install the Jamboard app on your phone, you can add yourself as an owner to a jam using the Jamboard NFC reader. In some cases, when trying to take ownership of a jam, the Jamboard NFC reader may become unresponsive.


  • Make sure you have installed the Jamboard app and have enabled the NFC chip on your phone.
  • Hold your phone flat against the NFC reader on the Jamboard left frame. Look for the letters NFC on the left side near the bottom of the frame.
  • You may need to lift your phone and press it against the NFC reader more than once.
  • Adjust the placement of your phone against the NFC reader. Different phone models have the NFC chip installed in different locations.
  • If the NFC feature does not work, use another method to add people to a jam.
Resellers get a 403 error when accepting terms of service for customers

Error message:

"403. That's an error. We're sorry, but you do not have access to this page."

If you're a reseller, you can't accept terms of service for your customer in your Reseller console. Clicking Continue in the terms of service box will display an error page.


Ask your customer to sign in with a super administrator account then accept the terms of service.

Jamboard is slow to wake from sleep

Some Jamboard customers may observe that the Jamboard has been slow to wake from sleep mode, especially after being left in sleep mode overnight. Affected devices will display a blank screen for a prolonged period before displaying the most recent jam. We are actively working to resolve this issue. To receive updates on the status of this issue, please contact support.

Jamboard kiosk does not display Korean characters

Korean characters are not supported on the Jamboard kiosk. If you open a jam on a kiosk with Korean characters, they're displayed as question marks. To receive updates on the status of this issue, please contact support.

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