The Jacket

Levis® Commuter Trucker Jacket  is the first smart garment built on the Jacquard platform. The Jacket was inspired by Levi’s iconic trucker jacket - the iconic garment that we know and love, and is enhanced with digital functionality. The cost of the jacket is $350.

Levi’s Commuter features

  • Retro-reflective accents for visibility
  • Vents (towards the top of the back) for breathability
  • Additional fabric in the shoulders for a more comfortable ride
  • Dropped hem for additional coverage (the bottom back of the jacket)
  • Storm cuffs for wind resistance and comfort
    • Note: You can wear the Jacket in the rain, but if the Jacket becomes too wet it may not reliably detect gestures. Allow the Jacket to dry and resume using. The snap tag is resistant to rain and splashing, but it is not fully waterproof

Jacquard Threads: Are woven directly into the denim of the left sleeve cuff to create a touch-sensitive interactive textile. Using these threads you can control features such as music and navigation on your phone.

Turn off Jacquard: To "turn Jacquard off," simply unsnap the tag from the jacket. You can store the tag in the zipper pocket on the sleeve.


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