Organize travel plans into Trip bundles

Travel emails like flight, hotel, restaurant, and car rental reservations are automatically bundled together into Trips, with the key info highlighted and ready at a moment's notice.

Trips are created automatically from details in your email and cannot be created by hand. Learn more.

View & share your Trips

Trips work similarly to other bundled labels in your inbox like Promos and Social. But instead of one bundle for all travel emails, you'll have a different bundle for each trip. For example, a "Trip to New York" bundle would include emails related to your New York travel plans.

View emails and trip details

Open a Trip bundle in your inbox to see all the emails related to the trip. You'll also see a list of events and reservations generated from your emails. Click an item in the list to see useful details like confirmation numbers.

Find your Trip in Inbox

Each Trip bundle will move to the top of your inbox as new emails related to the trip come in. To see all of your upcoming and past Trips, select Menu Menu and then Trips.

Share Trip info via email

  1. Open a Trip.
  2. In the top right, select Share trip Action menu. You'll see an email pop up with the trip info filled in.
  3. Add in a recipient, and send the email.

Any updates to the Trip won't be shared automatically. To send updated Trip information, share the Trip again.

Edit Trips

Add an email to a Trip
  1. Open an email.
  2. Select Move to More.
  3. Choose Trips....
  4. Choose the trip you'd like to add the email to.

The info from the email should now be in your trip. If you don’t see the new details when you view the trip, check below the itinerary, in the "Related messages" section.

Remove an email from a Trip
  1. Open an email in a Trip.
  2. Select Move to More.
  3. Choose Remove from this trip.
Turn off bundling for a single trip (delete a trip)

If you don't want a specific Trip to show up anymore, you can delete the Trip so the emails show individually instead.

Note: Removing a Trip will also result in the Trip not showing in other Google products, like your feed.

  1. Open a Trip in your inbox, or under Trips in the Menu Menu.
  2. In the top right, select More More.
  3. Select Delete this trip.

Now, the emails that were grouped in the Trip will be shown individually instead.

Once you delete a Trip, you won't be able to get it back.

Turn off bundling for all trips

If you don't want your travel emails grouped into Trips, you can change your settings so that these emails show up individually instead.


  1. In Inbox, tap Menu Menu and then Trips.
  2. Tap Settings Settings.
  3. Switch off Bundle messages in the inbox.


  1. Open Inbox.
  2. In the top left, go to the Menu Menu and then Settings.
  3. Choose Labels.
  4. Find Trips in the list and switch to Off.

Now, the emails that were grouped into Trips will be shown individually instead.

You can always turn on bundling for Trips again, and all your Trips will come back (unless they were individually deleted).

Report incorrect details

Emails are grouped into Trips automatically. If we don't get it right, report the issue by sending us feedback.

In your feedback report, it would be helpful if you include the name of the travel company that sent the email and which details were incorrect. This will help us fix similar issues in the future.

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