Pin emails you need to get back to

Pin emails you still need to read or follow up on. Pinning lets you move emails back to your inbox, quickly clear out your inbox, and focus on what you need to do. You can also pin an email in a bundled label like "Promos" or "Social" so that it shows up individually in your inbox.

  1. Open an email in Inbox.
  2. At the top of the email, select Pin Pin.

Tip: Pin multiple emails at once. Select each email using the sender image on the left, then click Pin Pin.

When you're finished with an email, select Done Done. You can always find it again by selecting Menu Menu and then Done.

3 reasons to pin emails

1  Move emails to where you'll see them

Pin emails in labels to see them directly in your inbox

If there's an email in a bundled label in your inbox (like " or "Social") that you want to get back to, select the email and click Pin Pin. You'll see the email directly in your inbox, as well as inside the label.

Move emails back to your inbox

Use Pin to move emails that have been marked done or snoozed back to your inbox.

2  Quickly clear out your inbox

Mark unpinned emails as done in one click

When you go through a group of emails and see just a few emails you want to get to, use pin to keep those emails in your inbox and then use Sweep to clear away the rest.

Sweep marks all unpinned emails in a section as done, but keeps pinned emails in your inbox. You'll see a sweep icon for labels like " or "Social, and time sections like "Today" and "This month."

  1. In your inbox, go to a bundled label like " or "Social," or a time section like "Today."
  2. Pin Pin any emails you still want to get to.
  3. In the top right, select Sweep Sweep. Make sure you choose the sweep icon for that label or time section.

Need to undo sweep?

If you accidentally use Sweep, look for the UNDO option in the black bar at the bottom as soon as you click. If the undo option is gone:

  1. Go to the Menu Menu.
  2. Choose Done.
  3. Select the emails using the sender images on the left.
  4. At the top, click or tap Done Done .
3  See everything you need to get back to in one place

View only your pinned emails

To see a list of only your pinned emails and reminders, click the switch at the top of your inbox Pin Slider . This lets you focus on just the things you need to do, without being distracted by the rest of your emails.

Tip: Use this list as your to-do list by adding your own reminders.

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