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You can keep track of everything you want to do in one place: your inbox. Organize emails, remove clutter, and set up reminders for important tasks. View photos and updates on your travel plans at a glance.

Organize your inbox

Here are several ways to keep your inbox clean, organized, and free of clutter.

Clean out your inbox

Mark a reminder or email as Done

Clear out your inbox easily by marking reminders and emails as Done. To see emails marked as done, all you have to do is open the Done label.

Delete emails and reminders

Delete emails and reminders that you no longer need. Deleted emails go to the Trash and are deleted after about 30 days.

Sweep away multiple emails at once

Mark several emails as Done at once by sweeping them out of your inbox or a label. Pinned emails will stay in the inbox.

Get reminders for important emails and tasks

Set reminders for a specific time or place and they’ll show up in your inbox. Whenever possible, Inbox includes relevant info like phone numbers and links to each reminder.

When you want to get emails and reminders out of your inbox until it's time to tackle them, use snooze.

View photos & track your trip plans

With Inbox, you can see photos people have sent to you and view trip updates like flight and hotel reservations without even opening their emails. Flight status and confirmation numbers are highlighted so you can see everything together in one place.

Visit the Inbox help forum

If you have questions about Inbox, we have a community of Inbox users and experts to help you find answers.

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