Mark done emails & reminders

When you're done with an email or reminder and want to move it out of your inbox, select Done Done.

Your email or reminder will move out of your inbox and into Done in the Menu. Your archived items are always there so you can search for them whenever you need them. Marking an email done in Inbox archives it in Gmail.

Mark an email or reminder as done

  1. Open an email or reminder.
  2. In the top right corner, select Done Done.

You can also mark an email or reminder as done right from your inbox:

  • Mobile: Swipe right.
  • Computer: Move your mouse over an email or reminder and select Done Done.

Mark multiple emails or reminders as done

Choose a few messages to mark as done
  1. To select emails, tap or click the sender images on the left.
  2. Select Done Done.
Clear out many emails at once

To mark all unpinned emails in a time section as done, but keep pinned emails in your inbox, use Sweep Sweep.

For example, in the "Today" section, you can quickly pin the emails you're interested in and then sweep the rest out of your inbox.

  1. In your inbox, go to a time section like "Today."
  2. If there are any emails you want to keep in your inbox, select them using the sender images on the left and then Pin Pin.
  3. In the top right, select Sweep Sweep.

Tip: If you don’t need emails and don’t want them showing up in your search results, select Delete Delete.

Get back messages you marked done

If you accidentally select Sweep or Done, look for the UNDO option in the black bar at the bottom.

If the undo option is gone:

  1. Go the the Menu Menu
  2. Choose Done.
  3. Select the emails using the sender images on the left.
  4. At the top, select DoneDone .The check mark will be green.
Mute all replies to an email

If there's an email conversation that people keep replying all to, but just isn't relevant to you, try muting the email. Mute automatically marks done all replies to the email so the conversation doesn't keep coming back into your inbox.

How to mute

  • Mobile: Open the email, then press and hold Done Done .
  • Computer: Open the email, then press the keyboard shortcut m. Learn how turn on keyboard shortcuts.

Note: Muted conversations will pop back into your inbox if a reply is addressed to you and no one else, or if you're added to the "To" or "Cc" line in a new message.

Find muted emails and unmute

  1. Select the Menu Menu.
  2. Choose Done.
  3. To unmute an email, select Done Done . This moves the email to your inbox.

Find emails you marked as done

Messages you've marked done are always there in case you need them later. Here are two ways to find your emails:

  1. To search for done emails:
    1. On your phone or tablet: Tap Search Search.
    2. On a computer: Use the search box at the top of your inbox.
  2. Type in contact names, email addresses, or keywords.
  3. You can narrow down your results by combining your search terms. For example, searching for "Elena Montevista photos" will bring up emails that include both Elena's name and the word "photos."
Look through all emails marked as done

You can see all the emails you've marked done:

  1. Open Inbox.
  2. In the top left, select the Menu Menu.
  3. Choose Done to see every email marked as done.

If you can't find your email, see more tips for finding emails.

Move emails back into your inbox

Once you've found your email, you can move it back to your inbox by tapping or clicking Pin Pin. Your email will be pinned in your inbox until you mark it done or delete it. Learn more about pinning.

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