How Inbox uses your device's location

Inbox doesn’t use your location information unless you allow it. If you do allow location access, you'll be able to snooze your emails and reminders until you get to a place, and get better suggestions when you create a reminder.

Features that use location

Snooze until you get to a place

You can snooze emails or reminders to get them out of your inbox until you get to a specific place, like home or work. Once you arrive at the location you chose, you'll get a notification on your mobile device and see your email at the top of your inbox.

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Reminder suggestions

As you create a reminder, you'll often see suggestions. If you’ve turned on Location services for Inbox on your mobile device, Inbox will use your device’s location to customize the suggestions that you see for places such as restaurants, stores, and more. That way you’ll be reminded to pick up milk from the corner store and not a store on the other side of town.

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Allow Inbox to use your location

You'll only have to turn on location once. Just snooze to a place while using your phone and you'll be asked whether Inbox can use your location:

  1. Open the Inbox app on your phone.
  2. Open an email.
  3. Select Snooze Snooze.
  4. Choose Pick place.
  5. When you're asked about location, choose Yes, I'm in.

Once you say "Yes, I'm in" to the feature, Location services will tell Inbox when your device is near a place that you snoozed an email or reminder to. Inbox will also use your device’s location to provide you with more relevant suggestions when you type in a reminder.

Turn off Location services

Inbox doesn't have access to your location until you allow it. Here's how to manage your location after you've enabled it:

When you allow Inbox to use your location, Inbox by Gmail is added to the list of apps with access to Location services. Location services is a setting for your device that determines whether your apps can access your location.

There's a shortcut in the Inbox app that takes you directly to your device's Location setting:

  1. Open the Inbox app.
  2. Go to the main menu in the top left Menu.
  3. Choose Settings Settings at the bottom.
  4. Choose your email address.
  5. Select Location services.
  6. Turn the switch Off Off.

Note: You can only turn Location services off for all apps with location access, not individual apps. If you turn off Location services for your device, other apps like Google Maps also won't have access to your location.

If you turn off Location services for all of your mobile devices, any emails or reminders you had snoozed to a place won't show up at the top of your inbox when you arrive. Google will continue to store the places associated with any existing reminders or emails until you delete them.

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