Brand support in the Hotel Center

Starting September 7, 2022, if you are a Hotels partner, you will be able to make changes to brands and icons using Hotel Center tools. We’ve outlined the new process here.

Brand assignments allow you to group your hotels together. You can associate brand-specific icons to the set of hotels in a group.

How to create brand assignments

Brand assignments can be made in the Hotel Center by navigating to the “Brands” page and selecting the “Brand assignments” tab. This is where you can upload your brand assignments file to make changes.

Steps to create brand assignments

  1. Edit your brand assignment CSV file.
    • The account_name and hotel_name columns are informational and can be deleted. Changes to these columns will be ignored.
    • Assign hotels by matching the desired hotel_ids to their corresponding brand_ids. Your brands will mirror what the CSV contains. Unlisted hotel_ids will be ungrouped.
    • If you need to delete a brand, delete all rows containing that brand.
    • If you need to rename a brand, rename the brand in all rows containing that brand.
    • If you need to create a brand, use a placeholder name in place of the brand_id. Placeholders are restricted to ASCII alphanumeric, spaces, dashes, and underscores, and must be placed between brackets.
    • Use the same placeholder or brand name pair for all rows that should use the new brand. Use different placeholders or brand name pairs to create different brands.
  2. Submit the updated brand assignment(s) by uploading the brand assignment CSV file to the “Brand assignments” tab of the “Brands” page of Hotel Center.
Note: Hotels can only be assigned to a single brand.

How to associate icons with your account or brands

Follow the steps below to make sure your icon is associated with your account.

Note: If you’re adding a new brand, follow the steps in the previous section to create a brand.

Steps to associate icons with your account or brands

  1. Submit a request to update your icon by clicking Edit on the relevant brand row in the Icon update tab of the “Brands page” and uploading the image.
  2. The “Status” column of the table will reflect the status of your icon update request. Typically, icon update requests take no more than 3-5 business days to review and process.

Icon guidelines

Make sure your icons meet the following requirements before uploading.

Icon requirements

  • Resolution of at least 72x72 pixels
  • Square dimensions only
  • No more than three text characters per icon
  • PNG format
  • Transparent or on a non-white background
  • No alcohol, violence, or sexual content
  • Must match the favicon or artwork on the advertiser’s final URL

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