Terminology changes in Hotel Center

With the migration of Hotel Ads Center functionality to both Hotel Center and Google Ads, we've updated some terms to avoid duplication across platforms and to better define their intended behavior or use case. Several definitions related to data feed and reporting terms have also been simplified for clarity.

The changes that are now live in Hotel Center include:

Old term

New term


Hotel list feed

Hotel list upload

hotel list pull

A delivery mode for hotel list, in which updates to the hotel list are manually done by the partner though the hotel list file upload tool in the Hotel Center platform. 

A delivery mode for hotel list, in which updates to the hotel list are done automatically with Google pulling them from the partner as needed.

Hotel impression Opportunity* The total number of instances when a partner’s hotel ad could have been displayed to a user, based on the details of the user’s search or planned itinerary.
Point of Sale (POS) Landing page The URL that redirects a user to the partner site, to complete the hotel booking, when they click on a Hotel Ad.
POS coverage (Covered impression) Landing page matched The itinerary has a landing page that fits the booking specifications and variables (user device, country, language and currency etc).
POS missed coverage (Opportunity*) Landing page not matched The itinerary does NOT have a landing page that fits the booking specifications and variables.
Overclustered Map overlap A situation in which more than one of your hotels in your Hotel List Feed matches a single hotel in our canonical list of hotels from Google Maps.
Live query Live pricing A secondary mode of pricing delivery, in which Google asks for real-time price updates for specific itineraries in response to end-user searches.
Pull with hints Changed pricing A primary mode of pricing delivery, in which Google only requests updated pricing and availability data for a subset of properties specified by the partner.
Average score
(Price Accuracy)
Price accuracy
Your current price accuracy score that impacts your ads bidding auction. Price accuracy is a reflection of how complete and accurate your hotel pricing is in your Hotel Price Feed.
Current score
(Price Accuracy)
Predicted price accuracy score Your expected future price accuracy score based on trends and various estimates by Google.
Fenced Rates Conditional Rates Custom rates provided to users, based on various user attributes including end-user's device and IP country. Conditional rate pricing is displayed in the standard Hotel Ads pricing slots and is only shown to users whose searches meet the segment criteria.
Qualified Rates Private Rates Custom rates for those who are members of a loyalty program or Google One users. Private rates can have conditions added to them. For instance, offering a reduced rate to members of a loyalty program who are also using mobile devices.
Fenced Rates for Audience Lists Private Rates These rates are shown only to users in specific RLSA or Customer Match audience lists. Can’t be combined with other factors. Shown in UI to users who are in those audiences.

*Opportunity has changed meaning. In the Hotel Ads Center, it referred to missed hotel impressions that you might have participated in. In the Hotel Center, it is replacing hotel impressions as the term for any moment a Google search, Maps query or other user activity could lead to the display of one of your properties.

Unchanged terms

The following terms have remained unchanged.



Participated The total number of opportunities for which you were eligible to enter in the Google Ads auction process.
Missed participation The total number of opportunities NOT eligible for the Google Ads auction process.
Participation rate The percentage rate of participation where the number of successfully participated opportunities is divided by the total number of opportunities. For example, if a property was eligible to enter the Google Ads auction 90 times out of 100 opportunities, the participation rate is 90%.

Eligible impressions in Hotel Center

Google Ads now offers Hotel eligible impressions metrics. To understand what percentage of impressions your ads received that were eligible to enter the Google Ads auction, learn more about impression share metrics.

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