How to view your landing page opportunities


Note: You are viewing an article about the Hotel Center. Going forward, the Hotel Center will replace the Hotel Ads Center as the primary feeds interface for your Hotel Ads. If you are still using the Hotel Ads Center, learn more about making the transition to the new Hotel Center experience

Use the Opportunities tab on the landing page (formerly known as point of sale) coverage report to view how you can increase your participation on Google across different countries and devices. You can also view a list of the impressions you cover on the Coverage tab. These values are updated every day and represent your average traffic over the last week. 


To view your landing page missed opportunities:

  1. Log in to your Hotel Center account
  2. On the navigation menu, click Coverage report (Beta) under “Tools” 

You will see the opportunities report table, which shows the following information:

  • Impressions missed: The number of your ads that were not shown because they did not match your landing pages.  You can update your landing pages with the relevant countries, languages, currencies, devices, or Google properties to increase your coverage. Learn more about landing page matching
  • % of total: The amount of missed opportunities (or impressions) for each segment, divided by the total number of missed impressions for all segments.
  • Country, language, currency, device, and source: These columns show additional information on missed opportunities. Each row on the opportunities report represents a unique combination of values. For example, you could view a missed impression by a German-speaking user in France, with Euro as a currency, using Google Maps on a mobile device.

Use the three-dot icon 3 dot icon on top of the opportunities report to add or remove columns. To filter the report, click Filter on at the top of the table.

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