How travelers find Hotel ads

hotel search

1. Hotel search

When a traveler searches for a hotel on Google, they’ll see a mixture of text ads (top) and organic hotel listings that appear with hotel photos, ratings, prices, and a map. If a traveler clicks More hotels, they'll be taken to the full view. If they click on a hotel, they'll go straight to the booking module.

2. Full view 

hotel search 2When a traveler uses hotel search on Google and then clicks More hotels, they'll be taken to the full view. The full view includes hotel names, photo, prices, and rating.

A traveler can further filter prices by check-in date and occupancy.

Clicking on a hotel sends a traveler to the Hotel ads booking module.

3. Hotel ads booking module

The booking module contains:
  • A “Book a Room” button allowing a traveler to immediately book a hotel.
  • Hotel ads booking links that allow a partner to show the price by a specific check-in date and room occupancy. Booking links can also be configured to show special rates, a logo, and text that calls attention to hotel features.

When a traveler clicks on a booking link, they’ll be taken to a website to complete the booking.

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