Price Configuration tool

The Price Configuration tool makes it fast and easy to integrate, index, and test your price feeds. You can quickly update your price feeds all in the same place.

This article explains how to use the Price Configuration tool. 

NOTE: The Price Configuration tool is only available to Pull or Hint partners. To use Price Configuration, you must have an active Hotel List Feed in your Hotel Ads account. Learn how to create, upload, and index your Hotel List Feed.

How to access the Price Configuration tool

To access the Price Configuration toolset in your Hotel Ads Center dashboard, follow the directions below:

  1. Log in to your Hotel Ads Center account.
  2. Navigate to Tools in the main menu. 
  3. Select Configure under Prices in the left navigation panel. The Price Configuration view displays, as shown below:

How to use the Price Configuration tool

The Price Configuration tool is broken into 3 different parts:

  • Endpoint connection details
  • Price indexing configuration
  • Price test

Follow the directions below to use the Price Configuration tool.  

Enter the Endpoint connection details

Use the Endpoint connection tab to set up an API endpoint that Google can query for hotel availability and price data.

NOTE: If your endpoint requires authentication in a keystore outside your URL, email your technical account manager (TAM) to set up the keystore. You can use the Price Configuration tool to test a saved keystore authentication.

The required fields are:

  • Hostname
  • Port: 
    • If the URL contains "http://", use Port 80
    • If the URL contains "https://", use Port 443 (default) 
  • Path

If there are problems with your API, an error message with specific details about the issue will display. One example reads: “Hotel price not found.” To troubleshoot, test endpoint configuration with randomized itineraries based on your hotel list feed, with length of stay = 1.

Possible errors include: 

  • Connection error. Please check the hotel prices endpoint info.
  • Hotel price not found.
  • Fetching hotel price timeout. Please check the hotel prices endpoint info.
  • Likely external error from partner. Probably need to notify the partner.

Enter Price indexing configuration details

Use the Price indexing configuration tab to enter specific itinerary guidelines and to test your API endpoint. Some fields are required and others are optional.

NOTE: Price Configuration is for basic API set ups and configurations only. 

The required fields for configuring your prices are outlined in the table below:

Field name Required? Applicable for Pull or Hint Details
Maximum indexing rate (hotel itineraries per second or HIPS) Required Pull The number of queries per second your system can support.
Maximum batch size (Hotels per query) Required Pull and Hint The number of hotels Google should query for in each message.
Maximum parallel requests Required Pull and Hint The maximum number of parallel threads your system can support.

After the fields are filled in, click Start indexing to begin. It may take 15-20 minutes to start your process. 

Some common reasons to use the Stop indexing button include: If you plan to fix errors, conduct tests for higher query numbers, or your servers are down. It may take 15-20 minutes to stop your processes.

Run a Price test

Use the Price test tab to test specific configuration behaviors. If you have any errors, the price test can help debug API issues and has the ability to test the itinerary prices of specific hotels. The required fields are: 

  • Hostname
  • Port: 
    • If the URL contains "http://", use Port 80
    • If the URL contains "https://", use Port 443 (default) 
  • Path
  • Hotel IDs: comma separated list 
  • Check-in date
  • Length of stay (nights): the allowed range is 1 - 30 days 

After you fill in the details you want to test, click Issue a test query. The results of your query will show up directly below your price test details. 

Learn how to use endpoints to manage APIs.

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