Sharing Sub Accounts


Note: You are viewing an article about the Hotel Ads Center, which has been replaced by the Hotel Center as the primary feeds platform for Google Hotel Ads. Learn more about the new Hotel Center experience.

As an Owner of an account, you can create new sub accounts and then share those sub accounts with other users. By using the sharing settings, you can create a sub accounts for specific users. This is useful if you are an integrator, for example, and want your clients to be able to access their hotel data, while maintaining separation from other clients' data.

To add new users or share a sub account with a new user, use the Share button:

You will only see this button if you are an Owner of the current account.

You add a new user by email address. Their email address must be a Google Account. You cannot add mailing lists or groups as users.

When adding a new user, you can select from the following options:

  • Can view: Adds the user to the current account (and all sub accounts) as a "Viewer".
  • Can edit: Adds the user to the current account (and all sub accounts) as an "Editor".
  • Is owner: Adds the user to the current account (and all sub accounts) as an "Owner".

The following table lists the functionality available to each of the user types:

  Owner Editor Viewer
See all views in the Console
Manage Hotel Groups
Set spending cap/budget
Define bids
Create sub accounts
Share the account (add new users)
API 2.0 access

A user's permission level for an account applies to all sub accounts. For example, if you are an Editor of an account, you will be an Editor of all sub accounts by default. If you add a new Viewer to an account, that new user will have Viewer access to all sub accounts.

Your account must have at least one Owner. If your account does not have an Owner, contact your Technical Account Manager (TAM). For other questions, get in touch with Google by using our contact form

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