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A Point of Sale (POS) is the endpoint that an end-user books a room at. When an end-user clicks on an ad, Hotel Ads matches that user to the appropriate POS, and displays a link to that POS to that end-user.

Each POS that you define has a unique web address and distinct domain name that Hotel Ads matches with the end-user, based on their location, currency, language, and other factors. This dynamic URL is constructed at request-time so that when the user is sent to the booking site, the information about their stay is pre-populated on the booking site, creating a smooth process from the ad click to the room booking.

You define one or more POSes in a Point of Sale file when you initially set up your Hotel Ads account. After your initial set-up, you can use the Point of Sale Editor to define additional POSes or make changes to existing POSes.

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